Here’s an update about the show on the 5th of August in Stockholm, Sweden. It will be a somewhat eclectic night of music.

The musicians: on electric guitar, the greatest Wayne Krantz, on cello and electric bass, a great musician from Sweden Svante Henryson and on drums, Morgan Ågren who is phenomenal.

It will be mostly improvised which is very exciting for me. I will bring my guitar and play some songs alone. At some point, Svante may join me on cello (I have never played with a cello player before!!) and Wayne will play on a couple of songs. Wayne Krantz will then play his incredible music during the second set and the last set will be everybody together. That’s the initial plan…I am excited!!

The club “Glenn Miller” is a cool jazz venue located in the center of this gorgeous city. Stockholm is really beautiful. I attached some pics for you.

More later!

Hola! Queria contarles sobre los musicos de la banda que

me acompanara en Stockholm. En guitarra electrica el genio de Wayne Krantz, en cello y bajo electrico un gran music de aqui Svante Henryson y en bateria Morgan

Ågren. Va a ser un show improvisado, con sorpresas…

El club donde tocaremos el 5 de agosto se llama “Glenn Miller”; es un lugar cool de jazz en el centro de la ciudad. Stockholm es una cuidad bellisima!!



Poland concert

Just leaving Poland now…The concert was sold out and everything went well. The festival founder Piotr and all the people working with him were spectacular. The people I encountered were so warm and beautiful. I had learned some words in Polish to say during the show but they did not come out well, oh well…

This time, I opened the show by playing 2 songs on the guitar. A couple of days before the show Piotr had asked me to play September and Fantasia, which were not on my song list. I was hesitant at first but I decided to follow his suggestion and give it a shot. Adding them to the show was a great idea! I played September alone with the guitar and we did Fantasia with Jim and Boris. The songs came out great. I attached some pics of Gdynia and Gdansk here for you to see how gorgeous these cities in Poland are. Now Stockholm….August 5th show!  More later

Queridos amigos, el concierto en Polonia salio muy bien. El teatro estaba completamente lleno. La gente de Polonia es super linda, simpatica y de gran corazon. Me encanto cantar alli. El fundador del festival Piotr y la gente que trabaja con el son maravillosos. Siempre tuve el deseo de conocer Polonia y la verdad es que fue una experiencia increible. Al ultimo minuto, Piotr me pidio que cantara Fantasia y September. Por suerte habia pedido una guitarra y abri el show tocando September sola y luego hicimos Fantasia con Jim y Boris. Salieron muy bien. Subi unas fotos de Gdansk y Gdynia para que vean que hermosas son esas ciudades. Ahora estoy en camino a Estocolmo para mi proximo show el dia 5 de agosto en esa ciudad.


Here’s an update about the band that will be playing with me in Europe this summer: the piano player is Jim Ridl, the bass player is Boris Kozlov and the drummer is Donald Edwards. We’ve been rehearsing in NYC and it sounds incredible. These guys are great! I had played with Donald before but its the first time I am singing with Jim and Boris.
I will be sending pics and hopefully some mp3s of the concert.
I ‘m already in Europe and will be meeting the guys soon. I am excited!!!!
More later!

Queria contarles sobre los musicos de la banda que me acompanara en Europe. Jim Ridl en piano, Boris Kozlov en bajo y Donald Edwards en bateria. He trabajado mucho con Donald pero es la primera vez que lo hare con Jim y Boris. Hicimos varios ensayos en New York y la banda suena genial! Estoy feliz!
Yo estoy ya en Europa, ahora en Florencia Italia. Hace mucho calor aqui pero es hermoso estar en esta bellisima ciudad.