“Gabriela Anders, Last Tango In Rio, Narada. If you’ve missed this one as I nearly did, seek it out. The title is a good clue to what’s inside – Brazil meets Argentina, tango and bossa nova, sultry and sexy, American standards and Anders originals. The Argentine sings pop standards (all in English) with accents of South American instrumental twists (bandoneon, for example). It’s fresh, intriguing and irresistible. Standards such as “You Go To My Head”, “Our Love Is Here to Stay” and “All of Me” sit comfortably with her originals, such as “Abracadabra” and “Embrace Me.” An imaginative recasting of Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child” works.”
Arkansas Democrat – Gazette by Ellis Widner ELLIS WIDNER

“All songs on ‘Last tango’ reveal a talent for engaging melodies,
memorable lyrics and imaginative production. Narada has a potential winner on its hands in Anders”
Don Heckman, L.A. Times

“Anders artfully combines the distinctive voices of the bandoneon and Brazilian guitar to underwrite her sublime vocals, giving her music a touch of tango romanticism and a taste of samba cool. Anders is a multi-talented artist who is destined to leave her mark on the jazz world”
Billboard Magazine – PVV

“For exotic make-out music, she’s definitely on top of the pile”
Jonathan Widran, All guide music

“Gabriela Anders Sweet Seduction – LAST TANGO IN RIO was chosen as one of the Top 15 Jazz releases for 2004”
BETJazz – John Murphy

“Anders creates her own hybrid, adding a bubbly kick to ‘You Go to My Head’
bringing Argentina’s funkiness into the saturated sexiness of Brazil”
Seattle Post

“Gabriela Anders Is Destined To Leave Her Mark On The Jazz World With LAST TANGO IN RIO”
Sounds of Timeless – Paula Edelstein

“Last Tango in Rio is one of those albums that gets under your skin — in a good way”
Gary C.W. Chun, The Honolulu Star

“One of the most promising jazz influenced artists today”

“Esta considerada una de las artistas con mayor futuro en la escena del jazz actual”
Batonga Magazine Spain

“La argentina dejo a todos boca abiertos en su concierto presentacion de Gabriela!”
G U conciertos Spain

“Gabriela Anders, una voz exquisite Agil y expresiva”
G. Moral Alvarez, Alerta Spain

“El triunfo de la elegancia”
Diario del Noroeste

“Una de las voces con mas proyeccion dentro del panorama musical del momento”
Santander News

“GA busca nuevas formas que le permitan explotar las multiples combinaciones de los ritmos latinos, del soul y del jazz”
Diario El mundo, Spain

“Trabajo vocal exquisito”
Fuerteventura News, Spain

“Anders, una voz emergente mimada ya en los circuitos del jazz por su aporte atino y su creatividad imaginative”
News Canarias1

“GA en el ojo del huracan jazzistico”
La provincia Canarias, Spain

“One of the hottest smooth jazz artists to enter the music scene”
Jazz notes San Diego Magazine

“Crisp production, sweet and subtle vocal, layered with discriminating harmonies from Anders, whose voice at times evokes Janet Jackson in a delicate mood”

“Gavin Guaranteed for Smooth Jazz : Gabriela Anders”
Gavin Keith Zimmerman

“Her beautiful voice and impeccable phrasing will soon make Anders a household name in the jazz world”
David Malachowski On line review

“Her luscious debut serves up an intoxicating dose of fire, fantasy and love”
Smooth Jazz scene

“Despite the instrumental orientation of the smooth jazz/contemporary jazz genre some fine vocalists are emerging: Gabriela Anders is an Argentine singer with solid skills!!”
Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

“Gabriela Anders es savia nueva para la musica latino americana”
Antonio Fernandez, Diario El Pais

“One listen to her music, and one look at the outstanding collection of superstars playing with her on itand you know Gabriela is on to something very special”
Steve Williams, KSSJ Sacramento CA

“Gabriela’s voice is sweet, sophisticated and sexy…all at once! It leave you wanting more!”
Kelly Cole, KIFM San Diego CA

“A young talent to be watched!”
Bob Mould, The Cannoneer

“Gabriela Anders is not only the talk of Warner Jazz but she is the buzz all around town. Her debut release Wanting has landed in the top 20 on the AC charts”
Tosha Thomas, Snap Shot

“If you like sultry female vocalists, you’ll like the saucy, soulful jazz of this magical, mystical, mercurical artist!!!”
CD’s views and reviews, El sabor de nuestra musica

“Hot new Argentinian jazz songstress!!”
Stephanie DuBois, LA Weekly

“Sexy, silky sounds from way down south of the border. This collection of Anders’ tunes about desiring, getting, losing and regaining of love and an appealing cover of “The girl from Ipanema” marks an especially promising US recording debut”
People Magazine

“Anders is wonderfully, sincerely soulful”
Richard Torres, Latin Sounds

“En Wanting hay una intoxicante dosis de fuego, fantasia y amor”
Miguel Sirgado, El nuevo Herald

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